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HDTV Installed

by nick on September 16th, 2004

We got cable TV installed today. We also got the HDTV package, after much prodding by me for Laura to agree. I think she finally gets it. It’s about freaking time. The only issue is that we now have to use 3 remotes, until I can program the Rotel’s remote to handle it all. I want to just buy a new remote, because the Rotel’s remote is a bit clumsy. It is good enough for CD + DVD + TV (power on). But now that we have to change channels on the cable box and change video inputs when going from HDTV to SDTV, a better macro remote would make life simpler. And I need a new toy. I want the MX700, but I’d take the MX500 (both by Home Theater Master) or the Harmony H659.

But remotes aside… wow… what a difference the HDTV is over the standard stuff. Football games will be much better in HDTV. I may actually figure out why a bunch of people are running around falling down. Too bad I won’t watch football though. Hopefully we’ll get some company to come over and enjoy the TV with us. Maybe some poor, underprivileged kids off the street or something.

I’m still on my headphone amp kick. I have a way too strong desire to buy a Dell DJ, Etymonic ER6 or Etymotic ER-4P, Total BitHead, and a GigaBag with Hole to carry it all. The scary thing is that I’d actually get some really good use out of the whole system.

  • The amp and my current headphones, AKG 240M, at home for PC audio listening
  • I’d use the whole package at work
  • The amp and the Etys at church for doing a live mix of the recordings.
  • The amp and the AKGs for mastering said recordings at home
  • The DJ in the truck (via FM transmitter) while driving for an install
  • The whole package while I’m out in the field doing an install
  • Tthe whole package (or possibly the AKGs) when I’m at a hotel. My laptop has a terrible sound card, so this would be really nice with the amp. Worth the amp price.
  • The whole package for exercising at the gym, when/if I get a membership (this is the only one that is a far off reality)

I think that covers all the uses. I just got a virtual raise at work, but I cannot spend the money on that. I also get my choice of a bday present. I really need to concentrate on cycling, though, and get a coach for next season. I’m crossing my fingers for a nice raise in a month or so. If I get it, I’ll lose self control and pick up a few of the pieces. Probably the Etys and Dell DJ. The amp would be nice, but probably just a luxury item right now. I also want to build my own amp, which would run around 20-50 dollars.

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