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by nick on September 25th, 2004

I’ve just started the fun task of ripping all my CDs to a lossless format. I chose Monkey’s Audio for encoding, Exact Audio Copy for extracting, and wapet for naming. I got it setup so that it will extract, name, and encode the files for me. It takes about 10 minutes per CD, and the files are about 7-8MB per minute of audio. As a reference, MP3 files average around 1MB per minute, and WAV files 11.5MB per minute. I figure I’ll get all this stuff done, then rip the data files to DVD for archiving. Yeah right.

I’m also looking for a cool CD/DVD program that lets me export all the CD info to a database. I’ve found, but they want $80 for the products I want. It’s not worth that much to me. I’ll just use the dir structure I’m creating to populate a db, and use the Amazon API for the details. That should work.

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