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by nick on September 29th, 2004

“People In Florida should probably find a new place to live.” A lovely quote from this website.

I don’t know why I find it so funny. I guess I’m just an insensitive jerk. You’d think that they’d learn, after year after year of getting hit with hurricanes. I never really liked FL anyway. When Cuba invades, they are invading FL first. I still think we should sell Detroit to Canada and give them FL for free. That would lower our average age in the US by at least 10 years, since FL is the popular retirement hotspot for a wealth of too old people in MI (and probably the midwest in general) with too much money. They are probably the same ones who couldn’t vote corectly during the last election.

I’m sure I’ll piss someone off who happens to stumble across this. Too bad if I do. Get over it. Unless I know you, in which case I’m terribly sorry and I didn’t mean anything I said above.


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