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New(er) Laptop

by nick on October 22nd, 2004

I got a new(er) laptop today from work. It is a Dell 8100. I like my old ancient IBM better, due to the ergonomics, but the new one is pretty nice. It is only a PIII 1Ghz, but that’s way better than a PII 300. It also has a decent video card an 512MB RAM. I also bought a 1GB Sandisk USB key (ssh.. Laura doesn’t know). And I bought my Christmas present for myself a bit early. A 15GB Dell DJ. That should drastically help my excursions to places. Now I won’t have to wear earplugs all day and work with the sound of my own blood flowing through my ears. Well, starting Nov 14 I won’t have to.

The coolest part… the new laptop has an IrDA port on it. Woo hoo! (Editor: For those of you not aware of why Nick is ‘woo hoo’ing, it is because his heart rate monitor, a Polar 720i, has the ability to download to the PC via IR. Nick is too cheap to spend 40 dollars to buy an IR port for his PC). I now know exactly how much I’ve been slacking off on my rides, and more so when I add the speed sensor to the bike. Now to get a coach. For that, I need raise. Again. Eh.


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