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Comment Spam

by nick on October 23rd, 2004

I have been comment spammed by a wonderful gambling website. They were kind enough to leave two comments per post. At least the spam bots comment. They also left cute little philosophical sayings, with just a link to the site as the only spam part.

I guess this means that my site is loved and adored by spam bots. I feel special.

I rode today, almost 2 hours. My legs have a nice general ache now. I miss that feeling. I’m also listening to Modest Mouse. They are pretty good, but definetly not your usual pop-rock. A nice change from the typical crap the RIAA (not even going to give them the pleasure of a link, those /^d{10}@[cemotvx.]{9}$/) complains we don’t buy.

My wife and I and Daniel and his wife, Chantel, are all trying to meet to go someplace. Currently, Laura is at my mom’s, Daniel and Chantel are at church prayer, and I’m at home listening to MM. We were going to try PF Chang’s, but they have a 2 hour wait, and they’re not taking reservations for the night. I’m thinking that we should just go to Olive Garden (or better yet, Il Fornaio). We’ll probably end up going to Pick Up Stix. Laura really wants China food or Mexican. In other words, she wants orange chicken from Panda Express or a bean and cheese burrito from your local hole in the wall.

Oh well. I’ll go, and have fun, and everyone can read about my very public and silent complaint after the fact. I’m just complaining because I hate to go eat food that I really don’t want, when I’m paying for it. If I’m going out, I want to eat good food. I can get a gross China food dinner from PE any time I want, or a yummy burrito from some Mexican place that wouldn’t pass FDA regulations. But when I get dressed up (or get dressed, period), I want to eat good food. Like filet mignon, or a really good pasta dish. I’m rambling.

Daniel and Chantel, I did have fun, I promise! Dinner was great! Thanks for letting us come with you!

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    What method do you use to find music that you buy? What made you start listening to Modest Mouse?

  2. Usually 94.9, but also whatever is on sale at Best Buy and the like. Or a recommendation from a friend. I started listening to Modest Mouse because I liked “Ocean Breathes Salty” and “Float On”

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