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More Computer Joy

by nick on January 25th, 2005

Well, the good news is that Jan 24 is over. I managed to pretty much hate today. The PC from Heck decided that it didn’t want to acknowledge the printer’s ability to reproduce 2D arrangements on a plane of bleached wood pulp. But the mouse works and solved lockups. While i don’t believe that the motherboard was the issue, it was replaced anyway. Hopefully it works better now. Of course that means nothing.

I bought two new fans yesterday to quiet my PC. It worked great. There are now two 0db fans installed. I will be returning those tomorrow.

Other than that, I spent the evening in a mostly depressed state mulling over my apparant failure in all that I enjoy, and wondering why it is that I so easily give up sports in exchange for nothing, and why people are so generally unhappy.

I’m tired.

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