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by nick on February 18th, 2005

Today Courtney was sick. She threw up at school; I left work early to go get her. She was fine, of course, but she is very sleepy. She’s eating dinner and watching her new Dora DVD.

Tomorrow is her birthday party at my mom’s house. I don’t want to go, but I have the feeling if I express anything of the sort that I will be killed by all who know. I just don’t like that many people being around at once, especially this week. I’m in a very solitary mood.

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  1. Andrew permalink

    I know what you mean about desiring solitude and not liking lots of people around. So do other introverts, it’s normal for us…. ; also

  2. Thanks for the links! I almost got the chance to go to Rochester, NY. But it fell through, so I’ll have to hope for another job close to Hamilton to visit you! You’re still there, right?

  3. Andrew permalink

    I’m living at my parents’ house in Ancaster — so yes still in Hamilton … Ancaster is a part of the ‘greater city of Hamilton’, since a while ago.

    some other similar links are listed in a blog I used to make a bookmarks list when I was researching personality: … most might not be of interest to you, but just maybe … ;)

  4. Andrew permalink

    Yes, I’m at the house where you visited me last time. There are a few more links collected at , and a good way to pump some energy and life into your life is to learn Yoga (I used books by Indra Devi: Renewing Your Life Through Yoga and Yoga For You.)

    Fare thee well…

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