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New Parts

by nick on February 24th, 2005

I got my new parts. The install went smooth, although I was being slow and careful (it took 2 hours start to finish). I did not have to reinstall XP, but I did have to play with all the devices to get them working. I don’t have my Audigy sound card working yet. That’s my next step. I have a new wifi card, which came with the motherboard, and it actually works. I’m getting 11mbps at 100%. I was getting periodic dropped connections with my old tiny usb on a stick wifi thingy. I have used all 2 PCI slots on the board though. I am hoping for pci-e wifi cards and Audigy2+ level sound cards.

Far Cry looks amazing, although medium to very-high doesn’t give you quite the amazing boost I was hoping for. The lighting is much improved and that adds a lot to the game. I think the drivers have problems because the card is jumpy at 1280×1024, when it should be smooth.

I can’t wait to beat Far Cry so I can start playing Half-Life 2 (for free, thanks Valve!).

It looks like the Zalman 7000 should fit just fine on the board, even with the Gigabyte D.P.S. (dual power system). Should help with temps and with noise a bit more.

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  1. PAssa permalink

    Did Zalman 7000 fit with D.P.S and memorys. I’m thinking of buying K8NXP and zalman 7000 too :)

  2. The Zalman will fit fine on that board. You may need to squeeze the fins a bit with the DPS installed. A 7700 will fit on the board as well. The memory clearance is fine. I’ve not installed it yet, but I measured it out and it looks fine.

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