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by nick on July 23rd, 2005

I went for a bike ride today. It was short. I took the crappy Polar 720i off the bike and rode without any data. The 720 was acting up, not giving me any HR data while I was riding. Since the 720 sucks as a cyclocomputer, it is going back to Performance. I have not used it all that often, but the thing just doesn’t cut it for 260 dollars. After talking to Polar’s tech support team I was not too impressed. Nothing is more frustrating than paying money for something that doesn’t work (well).

I would like to buy a Power Tap Pro built on a 32h Mavic Open Pro rim using 14/15 db spokes. I can get one for net out of poket of 550 with shipping, tax, and a front wheel (32h OP around Ultegra). I can then get my current wheels re-built with some light rims and light aero spokes (Velocity aeroheads and sapim cx-rays or dt revos). It would serve the dual purpose of getting a good bike computer w/ hr + power + cadence, plus having a set of race wheels. If nothing else I can have some slightly aero wheels for races, and my training wheels. In reality, I’ll probably use the PT every chance I get. Using it in races would offer a level of data far beyond what most cyclists have available.

I really miss racing. A lot. Today reminded me how painful it is, but it is so much fun. Next season, I hope.

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