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Installing gitosis on plesk/centos

by nick on February 9th, 2009

I decided it was time figure out how to host a remote git repo without GitHub (which is awesome, btw). I heard good things about gitosis, so I decided to get it a try.

Turns out it isn’t too difficult, thanks to some help. I did run into a few errors because of my ancient copy of python.

At first pass I had installed setup tools with “yum install python-setuptools-devel”. Gitosis installed fine, but then I kept getting:

gitosis ImportError: No module named subprocess

Turns out python 2.3 doesn’t work with gitosis (at least in my case). The solution was to install 2.6 (didn’t want to try 3.0) then go through the gitosis setup.


Follow the directions at

  • Install an updated copy of python. I used 2.6. The source install will go into /usr/local/bin, and will the default python executable. The previous install, 2.3 in my case, will be in /usr/bin.
  • Install setup-tools. I used the source install of 0.6c9. Run ‘python install’ after untarring/gzipping the file.

At this point you should have python 2.6 installed and usable by gitosis.

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