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Physical Therapy

by nick on June 10th, 2009

I just finished my first physical therapy session for my ankle. So here is the outcome:

  • If I can get to a neutral position in my ankle I am pretty lucky. To get my foot into neutral requires the ball of my foot coming off the ground.
  • I need orthotics (~$400/pr) for most activities (anything more than walking).
  • My right calf is atrophying.
  • I did have a slight fracture resulting from a sprain, either this time or previously (bone chip pulled off at the tendon).
  • I have no idea how to stretch, and end up cheating a whole lot when I do in order to mimic flexibility.
  • I have about 2-3 degrees of motion in my right ankle, and a bit more in my left. I got to 12 degrees in a forced stretch. 15-20 is normal.
  • I do have good balance – passed the 30 second eyes closed test on the right ankle. That was the best she’s seen in a long time :)

Maybe I’ll be able to get some shoes from D2Shoe if I start riding a lot… possibly a unicorn too. I’ve always wanted one.

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