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IEM Update, part something

by nick on June 22nd, 2009

I’ve been using the IEM for about 6 weeks now. The mix is finally dialed in pretty well (has been for several weeks), as long as I don’t ask for adjustments. Overall I would have to say that I very very strongly prefer IEM over traditional monitors. If only I could get the rest of the team to jump on board, that would be awesome. Not that we have money for that in our budget :)

So out of my original list of pros/cons:


  • I can hear everyone, if I want to (I hear bass! vocals!)
  • I’m able to pick up my own audio cues better
  • When I move away from the mic, I can hear it.
  • I think I am singing louder and with better technique (confirmed I am “on” (key?) more now)
  • It is cool


  • Occlusion Fixed!
  • Wired, since I’m cheap
  • Very poorly mic’d drum kit Fixed, sorta
  • No ambient noise, so no crowd/feedback
  • Occasionally I lose the seal (cough customs cough)

The ambient noise is the last consistent issue, and I’m working on some ideas to resolve that. Very happy overall.

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