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by nick on June 24th, 2009

I read a great snippet from a book discussing how success is really what we’re afraid of, not failure. That is something I’ve known for quite a while, though until today it didn’t really sink in. I’ve often given up on something in the past because it started to get too hard. I don’t ride my bike much because I got to a place where I needed to “take things to the next level”, which meant it would be a lot of work. I also quit: running, soccer, playing guitar, singing, math… and I’m sure many other things.

I’ve picked up the singing and playing guitar again, but I’m at the point where I’m not going to improve playing a few hours a week. I need to step up to the next level and really work on it. I’m also on the edge of getting on my bike and trying that again.

So what happens if I do something and I’m successful? What would people expect of me? What extra pressures would be placed on me by myself or others? When I think of a few answers to those questions I am reminded that I’m not really afraid of failing. I’m not afraid of being a bad cyclist, because that is what I am right now. I’m afraid of being a good cyclist. That would require sacrifices and hard choices.

Being mediocre is far easier than being successful.

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