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Good ol’ Days

by nick on December 15th, 2009

Tonight at worship team practice one of our other singers, who is taking some time off from the team to do some fantastic work with a family that adopted 3 children, showed up. It was great to have her around for a practice, even though she won’t be singing with us on Sunday. I think it is the first time since July or so that we’ve had more than 2 vocalists at once (or rather, a vocalist and someone pretending to be one). In addition we had a teenager who is interested in joining the music ministry as well. It is her second week in a row, and she did well.

At one point our team was myself, 5 other vocalists (2 guys, 3 girls), another acoustic guitarist, 2 bassists, a drummer/guitarist, a drummer/pianist, a pianist, and a trumpet player. We could put together a wide range of teams and give just about everyone a break each week, if they wanted it. It was nice. Four of the vocalists moved on, and the drummer/guitarist has as well. We miss them, but enjoyed and were blessed by the time the served our church. Our second bassist and trumpet player just started playing again in recent weeks too, so we’ve got some familiar faces back.

Tonight brought back the memories of a full team, and how much of a blessing it is to have everyone involved.

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